A growing industrial Group

July 2007, the DEFTA Group is a result amalgamating the teams, the technical resources and the knowledge of two French suppliers of the automotive industry: ARDEA and SFA. The success of this merger is based on the complementarities of their industrial activities and the convergence of their development strategies.

DEFTA reaches the critical size to consolidate its market position and continue its growth under the leadership of the president, Mr. Jean-Pierre Ker Rault.

Thus, in July 2009, the acquisition of the Essomes-plant (formerly operated by Wagon Automotive) has strengthened DEFTA’s position as an automotive supplier.

Present in five European countries (France, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Romania) and backed by consolidated sales figures of 150 million euros, the Group opened its capital to FMEA (Fonds de Modernisation des Equipementiers Automobiles) in December 2009.

FMEA’s participation in the capital of DEFTA devotes its position as a strategic supplier to the automotive industry, and offers new ways to pursue its development.