An industrial group in full growth

Born in July 2007, the French group DEFTA decline is expertise in different fields cutting of the press-forming, of wires and tubes and assembly.

This knowledge gave the opportunity to DEFTA to development factories close by the international car manufacturers.

First, in Europe (France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Romania) then in Russia (Togliatti). We are now present on the Asian continent in China and Corea.

DEFTA follows its industrial strategy in supporting car manufacturers all around the world.

The group counts nowadays 1 600 people and achieve a turnover more € 180 M. Its critical size and its expertise in open mechanism field, assembly fiel and cutting field give it as a reference player in the automotive equipment sector.

Preside by Jean Pierre KER RAULT, the group become thanks to the implantation a close partner of the automobile manufacturers. The priority of DEFTA is the total customers satisfaction.

DEFTA is also a strategical provider of Electrolux or Scheinder electric. DEFTA bought in 2009 the door strikes division of WAGON AUTOMOTIVE, then in 2011 the leader of gaz springs, the firm AIRAX.

DEFTA has as well an expertness in designing products and mechanisms. We have many patents in its expertises fields.

The FAA (Fond Avenir Automobile) and NAXICAP PARTNER help us in this deployment strategy.