Electric components

Our product catalog contains carters for both electric and hybrid vehicles, electrical contacts, deflectors, stators…

Defta manufactures various components for electrical applications in the automotive industry or equipment goods. In response to growing demand, we continuously expand our offerings to meet evolving market needs.

A wide array of industrial processes is employed to ensure the production of components of the highest quality. These processes encompass precision techniques each meticulously executed to meet stringent standards for durability, functionality, and performance:

  • Fine Blanking & Stamping
  • Assembly & Welding
  • Machining
  • Aluminium die casting
  • Particles cleaning

Carters for electric and hybrid vehicles

Products with high safety requirements mainly due to the functionality of the battery pack.
Assembly is automatic with 100% control of the parts due to the criticality of customer specifications.

Electrical contacts

Various stamped parts with rivets, from steel, aluminum, copper, for electric apliances, f.e. switches, contacts boards.

Electrical components

Parts Magnets, Deflectors, Aluminum bars.... are components for Contactors and Protection Relays, Series TeSys F Contactors, A contactor is a special type of relay used for switching an electrical circuit on or off. Contactors are used in applications with higher current carrying capacity, typically built for and used in 3-phase applications.

Locking mechanisms

Locking mechanism for fixation of Electric cabinet to electric bus bar.

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