Opening systems

Our product catalog contains door hinges, hood or tailgate hinges, hood safety hooks, strikers and locking systems, latches...

A wide array of industrial processes is employed to ensure the production of components of the highest quality. These processes encompass precision techniques each meticulously executed to meet stringent standards for durability, functionality, and performance:

  • Fine Blanking and Stamping
  • Assembly & Welding
  • Overmolding
  • Surface treatment
  • Heat treatment
  • Aluminium die casting

Hood hinges

Made from galvanized steel, our hood hinges come in pantograph or single-point versions, with options such as welded or riveted reinforcements, mounting brackets for body elements, welded nuts, and more.

Tailgate Hinges

We offer tailgate hinges designed through stamping, profiling, or bent tubing. Welded studs or seals are commonly integrated. We can also develop a complete system with tailgate balancing.

Door Hinges

For side doors or rear-hinged doors, our hinges benefit from a wide range of technologies. Whether you need an optimized design for large series or a more advanced solution for specific requirements (such as appearance parts or high-technical constraints), our solutions based on stamping, forging, or aluminum molding will meet your expectations.

Strikers & locking systems

We produce strikes composed of a steel wire and a stamped plate. Overmolding the plate or adding a thin cardboard sheet will insulate it from the body. We can also integrate an indexer or a vibration filtration system. These parts benefit from enhanced anti-corrosion treatment.

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